GOP Sort of Survives

Surfing the news and picking up the Lefties and Righties I came to the conclusion early that it was only "BigMoney" from the Right that tilted an otherwise overwhelming Progressive landslide toward a liberal victory into a razor thin win for the Republicans (yet to be confirmed by ten recounts).  The Righties proclaimed defeat for Big Labor (ho ho that's rich, Big Labor remains big) and a new day for somebody only they don't exactly know who.  Summing it up, it's near impossible to find an unbiased news "show" (the word "show" explains it all), the New York Slimes claims a "survival " for what's his name, leaving only the Wall Street Journal to tell the truth without "ha ha we won" or a "we got beat by rich crooks" as a headline.  Huge turnout, normally good for liberal Democrats this time showed "Tea Party" muscle and Deep Republican penetration of the electorate.

One thing that should concern us all is that the polls were all totally wrong.  I don't know why but we deserve to know the reasons because too many of us have our judgements slanted by them.  And the Exit polls had to be rigged.  Or, and this would be great news, we all lied to the pollsters who Exit Polled us.

The important TV News of the night was the Celtics beating the Heat.  Now we all hate and fear giants, after all "Jack and The Beanstalk" has been pounded into us from the time we were six months old and the Tales of Odysseus from the time we were about five, so Giants are always to be scorned and their demise a time for good feelings all round.  So LeBron joins George Soros, and all the Wall Street criminals on everyone's shit list and the Celtics become Saviors of the Universe.  Me?  I loved the Kings hockey win, absolutely loved it.


Xiaoding said...

The polls are wrong, because they are predicated on a two party system, wherin we have a three party system now, at least in some states.

Tea Partiers don't talk to pollsters; or they lie to them. :)

You are correct, in that this was not a Republican victory, rather, it was a temporary alliance with the Tea Party. This is coalition politics.

Xiaoding said...

Seeing Romney in action, (NOTHING), I'm calling it for Obama, by at least five points.

Fuck Republicans. And fuck the Tea Party too, for not forming their own.