Black on Black (in fact Black) violence A bunch of us were discussing the Black on Black violence when the topic was raised about the possibilities of having Black athletes front a campaign. This idea was shot down on mention because three of us in attendance were Black (lower level) pro athletes who were unanimous in the opinion that anyone Black who dared do that would be killed, his family terrorized, and and their careers in TV ruined. "Look what happened to Tupac and the rest" was their response. The criminals in the upper portion of the music and entertainment industry, the high powered white executives in all aspects of TV, Movies, and news are joined at the hip with the Hip Hop "culture" and are making tons of money (much of which is unreported cash and thus further criminal activity) crime goes on virtually everywhere and on it's killing the country.

Does anyone doubt that if Obama was white he'd have been impeached six months ago. It's only the threat of Black rioting that keeps him in office......


Johnny Manziel is the Lindsay Lohan of NCAA football.  

 A father who is a bigger asshole than the "kid", a man who leads from the rear and is obviously controlling the entire moronic episode completes another parent living through his kid story that must end in Lohan Redux, this time with alcohol as the drug of choice.  As soon as I have the time I'll tell you the story of Ronnie Knox, a can't miss All American who was destroyed by his idiot old man back in the 50s......  . 



Strictly for serious pot smokers.  Latest in pot highs are the use of oil and "dabs" each of which basically gets you higher while you work on that pesky lung cancer or breast implant and expect results by getting high on "medical" marijuana.  The delivery devices all "vaporize" the dab or oil.  News for you, don't buy the widely advertised "Pen" types especially the 710pen.  Customer service is a fake and the pen is so delicate that it can't last for more than thirty days and at $100 for each replacement you should go back to heroin.  What can I say other than go back to the flaming nail.........


Anybody think Holder would not be impeached if he was white?  A racist President and his equally racist government will continue on til at least the next election or until the GOP grows a set of balls and even a hint of an ability to get elected.


Coup Rymes with Poo

The control of government has already passed into the hands of the unelected bureaucracy of our government and their labor union entities.  Note that none of this could have happened without the compliance of the media which now (surprise) find themselves the targets of a gangster government.  Well, let's elect Republicans,  you say?  If there was ever a political party with less backbone, less anchored into any unifying political point of view than these so called "constitutional" cripples, I'd like an example please.  Babbling about balancing a budget that nobody cares about, a God nobody knows or is afraid of, and a patriotism that serves more often as a shield for criminality and laziness than anything else.  So while these slobs wait in line for their face time on the Sunday morning "news" shows that almost nobody watches or cares about, the hardened political criminals just keep on keeping on with smiles on their stupid faces as they loot the Constitution of the "protections" we used to have.

A Chicago street thug and his supplicants now rule and it may be too late to stop him.



I hate Google

These mother fuckers keep changing my user name, password and everything else.  Fuck them.  Stop using them


Debate?? Give me a Break

For the GOP to lie down for these phony liberal "moderators" as debate managers underlines my concern about the entire Republican Party.   You just can't allow this to happen.  Once again those gutless shitheads leading the party will lead us all to hell.  Jesus Christ, what a collection of assholes.


Anybody who says this is a racist rant had better shut the fuck up.  Check all this out: A tiny shit country in the Caribbean somewhere has five of the fastest times in the world among four guys; Bolt didn't just suddenly lower his times by .0010 per month, he lowered his times by two seconds over a two year period; track experts acknowledge that it is impossible to spot doping in track or bike racing; this scandal was enabled by the fact that NBC hired the cream of sports reporters from all over the world who would have lost their jobs had they "looked" for any problems anywhere.  AND BEEN CHARGED WITH RACISM BY THE USUAL SUSPECTS.   Oh, and one of the tell tale signs of doping is the almost insane focus on self and how great that self is.  "I'm, a legend", says the new and ever modest legend. THIS IS BREWING.



Actually a really good choice, one of the few honest to God intellectuals who can act on what he believes.  The Lefties haven't attacked him yet over that rape of a ten day old puppy, his insane urges to urinate on homeless gay men, and his sworn oath to destroy all homeless shelters containing homeless pregnant women, but give the assholes time.  Maybe Ryan can light a fire under what's his name so he'll respond like a human instead of a fucking robot when attacked.  The problem for me is that I think Romney is a great choice for Prez but he may be such a pussy campaigner that he'll lose.  Best GOP ticket in my lifetime, let's hope we will all be off our asses and work for them.  Problem with Romney is he's a typical trust fund baby who has no idea what it's like to fight to the death for his beliefs.  OK, now for the downside, Ryan allegedly wanted to have sex with Ayan Rand for years and anyone who would want to fuck somebody that ugly is not suited for public office.  And have you ever studied the Ayn Rand philosophy of "objectivism"?  This is what sunk Greenspan because when applied, this philosophy is for priests and comatose right wing writers.

AND don't forget these fuckers are MORMONS and claim they believe in God or some other motherfucker who is all powerful and not a part of the government.  The slime on Mormonism will start by the weekend and will be on the Progressive TV Network (Current TV) night and day.  These guys have no moral compass that points in any direction other than straight down.

Be ready everybody, especially if you happen to be a Mormon.


Additional Games notes

Even worse than the Olympic Games delay coverage is the fucking Obama propaganda the NBC Obama whorehouse news links us to while we wait for the "results."   NBC totally sucks.........Their slanted POV distorts the entire Olympic efforts made by all athletes.

Olympic Games Update

For those of you who have been blacked out due to NBC time differences:

100 yard dash: Jessie Owens (USA)
Football throw: Babe Didrikson Zaharis
News Note: German Prime Minister Adolph Hitler salutes all Jews in relocation vacation camps.  "Best is yet to come," he adds.  NBC blasts Romney for casting doubt on the sincerity of  comments about Hitler made by Brit right wing extremist  Winston Churchill....."The Games should be free from petty politics," says NBC.

Reports of errant javelin striking innocent tourist during warmups have been quashed.  Victim was a Republican and had it coming according to sources.