Pope Ratzinger: all the Lefty liberals are appalled. I have one view: if you don't want to go along just get out. WTF? Be a Muslim, a Lutheran, a pagan, but you can't be a Catholic if you kill a "fetus," engage in sexual activity with a member of the same sex, have a sliding scale of morality separate from Catholic doctrine. If you don't like the heat you do not have to go into the kitchen. Cafeteria Catholics, choosing what little part of the faith they want today and a different one tomorrow, will probably bargain while in Hell. What these Liberals don't like is being judged regarding their drunken behaviors, their drug use, their sexual escapades, multiple marriages, neglect of their children, and so on. The Catholic Church will remain Catholic. There is nothing anybody outside the Church can do about it, other than write nasty pieces in the MSM. We will be affected by this pope if his hatred of the U.S. becomes Church policy. If he lands on the side of Muslim fundamentalism. If he refuses to do anything about the pedophilia in the priesthood.
Today's Catholic Cafeteria Specials with new low prices----
Abortion: one rosary
Little lie to my wife: two Hail Mary’s
Screw the boss: Act of contrition
Homosexual activity: free
Tomorrow's Super Special: Desert Your Family: two apologies----Only 500 will be available so arrive early
"It's great to be a New American Catholic"