Blogging Lite today---an observation meaning nothing: I live in West Hollywood, THE homosexual city on the West Coast south of San Francesspool, and I walk a couple of miles every day, usually very early in the AM. Yesterday I walked during the lunch hour and noticed on my tour that I passed about twenty restaurants that have seating on the sidewalk, but what I especially noticed was that while almost all were filled up I didn't see any women. So when walking back to where I started I began to count. There are seventeen eating places with seating on the sidewalk seating between fifteen and thirty people. So let's say twenty five people times seventeen restaurants equals 420 people eating at one time. Now, by actual count there were only four women seated in seventeen restaurants. FOUR. Meaning where you have a homosexual "community" you have no lesbians, or at least no lesbians who will show their faces. Why? I don't know, but now that I think about it I've seen very few women business owners in the city either; no blacks, and no Mexicans (only Mexicans bus tables); and this in the most PC city on the planet. Supermarkets were prevented by law from selling styrofoam cups (recently dropped); you will be arrested for calling somebody a faggot, queer, or any other homosexual slang word (hate crime); contractors must prove to the city that all efforts have been made to assure employment of homosexuals on all building projects (the number of blue collar labor guys who will admit to being gay must number in the high single digits, but compliance is expensive and adds to the cost of building here); ditto the County Sheriff which has been forced to hire people who claim to be gay or lesbian so the fruits being arrested here will feel safe; and last but not least, the city tries, honest they do, to hire straight people (and lots of luck finding two). And oh yeah, because homosexuals are childless and most crime is committed by young people there is almost no crime inside the city; there is only one park that has any facilities for young kids, no city supported schools (the schools are LA County as is the Fire Department, Library--a fucking joke, and police). Oh yeah, the city is supported in part by parking violations fines so it follows that parking tickets are handed out like raffle tickets. There is no rule mandating the number of homosexuals who must be ticketed in order to assure diversity.

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So Howie, uh, ahem, why do you live there?