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It's common knowledge that the Golden Globe Awards for movies is the most fraudulent and corrupt of all the Awards. Not only are the nominations made before the Christmas movies are released, but the people voting are all foreigners who are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association comprised of eighty six (86) people. Then there is the integrity of the nominating and voting process itself. Members are notorious (famous) for accepting bribes, swag, junkets etc. from producers and actor's agents. From Scott's Movies dot com:

Okay, I know what some smart aleck out there is thinking. You’re thinking, hey, this isn’t like the presidential primaries at all. Votes have been cast and Jamie Foxx did get a bunch of them. The members of the HFPA voted on the nominees. But I say, well, Mr. Smart Aleck, just who are the members of the HFPA? They are film critics. In other words, they’re journalists. So, my point stands. It’s the press anointing Foxx as the frontrunner, just as it was the press who anointed Howard Dean. Case closed.

Moreover, these are foreign journalists. And, as I’ve explained somewhere else before, “foreign” in Hollywood is code for “not American.” This is evident from the names on the membership list of the HPFA. These people have names like Paoula, Rocio, Erwin, Yani, Elmar, Kiki, Yola, Noemia, Helmut and Jack. This may or may not explain another strange phenomenon of the Golden Globes, which has also been noted here before. The HFPA generally goes for any movie or TV show that has the word “sex” in the title. This is demonstrated by the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker got an acting nomination for Sex and the City and the series itself was nominated for best TV comedy series—even though it’s not even on the air anymore. If she gets nominated again next year, then we will know for sure that something strange is going on.

As it happens, the media backlash against the Golden Globes didn’t actually begin this month. As long ago as four years ago, Brills Content reported that ““HFPA members have been called corrupt and, perhaps more tellingly, have been derided by Hollywood insiders as incompetent, slovenly, and junket-buffet gluttons.”
Political Correctness rules and so the nominees for this bogus award this year are predictably politically both Left and Correct. It should come as no surprise that the movie with the most nominations is the most obscenely PC piece of shit on the planet, Babel,the story about---get this---a shooting in a part of Africa featuring two (ugh) white Americans that has repercussions on a multitude of non-white minority people in a ton of different countries, (which allows for diversity doncha know) and diversity is what is most important these days. And Apocalypto? These gutless cocksuckers couldn't leave it out so they nominated it for best Foreign Language picture; foreign language? Since when is a virtually dead Mayan language that nobody knows is accurate a foreign language movie? When you read the entire list of nominees you will see just how politically safe this stuff is. But not to fear Lefties, Bobby, complete with the America hating actors currently bashing America from Saudi Arabia, has been nominated lots. Common thread? Almost nobody is going to see any of them other than Borat and Apocalypto.

BTW, for all young people who are interested in the direction and editing of a picture, Gibson's Apocalypto is the total must see (and later break down) of all movies released in the past several years. Gibson's technique and virtuosity is almost amazing, especially keeping in mind that this is a low budget movie ($40mil) and he accomplishes his illusions with mostly closeups and shots taken through thick foliage. If you broke it down shot by shot it will go down as one of the best "what you think you see" movies ever. The Jew hating mother fucker really has Talent, not required for "prestigious" awards, but required if you want to reach an audience. Another BTW: insults of inaccuracy are the latest attack. Inaccurate? No shit, Sherlock. Nobody knows exactly how the Mayans bit the dust, we only knew that they ran out of food and it took several hundred years before it completely disappeared. The civilization had ceased to exist by the time the "Conquistadores" hit the beaches, which means that the horrible white Europeans cannot be blamed for its demise, a truth the Left really hates and is seeking to disprove (currently they are blaming trans-fats, French Fries, and KFT---Kentucky Fried Tapir--- in their diets). Gibson compressed time and place, to do otherwise would require a movie that was several centuries long and boring as hell. The Aztecs (not a part of the Mayan civilization so far as is known) had a huge city when Cortez arrived (Cancun???) which was located where Mexico City (click on link for a great photographer) is today, but Mayan cities? Gone for at least a century. Today's Mexico City is located on the site of Teotihuacan, (not the original name) the Aztec metropolis that Cortez invaded and occupied prior to wiping out the Aztecs. The city was most probably Mayan (left showing pyramids that are undoubtedly Mayan) until the Mexicas came down from the north and blew them away (the original name of Aztecs was Mexicas). That part of the history of Mezzo-America is all speculation----for now.

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