A huge presentation, including videos, about the LA Street Gang Terrorists that have now spread across the country is available HERE. Rape, murder, assaults (mostly for sex) are a way of life and a fight of passage for young people. Most of you will keep your heads in the sand not wanting to look at what has to be the most uncomfortable social-criminal-terror problem we face. To really cure it will be expensive as hell. The ACLU, none of whose members live near gang controlled areas, will fight any gang control tooth and nail. They will be joined by every hard left organization whose only concern is getting government handouts in their neighborhoods, handouts that they will control.

First step, as always, is know your enemy, and these gangs are everyone's enemy. They now pose a threat to every portion of our society. Just HERE, (click on the extreme RH part of the map) in a portion of SoCal that is at least half uninhabited desert, the gang murder count over the past five years is 208.

Thanx ACLU:

I spoke with a woman that had her jaw wired shut. She told me that some gangsters were selling crack in front of her home in South Los Angeles. She was worried becauseof her young children that liked to play in the yard. She asked the gang members to go somewhere else to do their business. She was answered by being pistol whipped in the face shattering her jaw. She never filed charges against the thug that hit her; she knew it would be worse next time.

"Right there is where some gangsters burned a girl alive.\" A Los Angeles Police Department gang officer told me as we passed by a dark spot in a South LA alley. They found out that she had been dating a rival gang member so they burned and shot her in the head. Bloods, Crips, 18th Street, Al Qaeda, Hamas, terror is terror no matter what name you put on it.
This is rarely reported, but every once in a while you'll see something like this newspaper series, or the sensational National Geographic Network piece.
"I knew I wasn't going to college, and there was no job waiting for me out of school, so I figured I would just take what I needed. I didn't think about how it affected other people. I didn't care. I just knew that everybody had new clothes and cars and girls, and I didn't have shit."

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