I publish this as an addendum to the above. Iris Chang in her book The Rape of Nanking, documented the barbaric actions of the sensitive Japanese soldiers. Below are direct quotes from two of those sensitive Japanese soldiers who, to quote Eastwood, were noble, brave, compassionate — and almost as much the victim of Japan’s uncompromising militarism as were the Americans the Japanese army killed.:

Women were killed in indiscriminate acts of terror and execution, but the large majority died after extended and excruciating gang-rape. "Surviving Japanese veterans claim that the army had officially outlawed the rape of enemy women," writes Iris Chang. But "the military policy forbidding rape only encouraged soldiers to kill their victims afterwards." She cites one soldier's recollection that "It would be all right if we only raped them. I shouldn't say all right. But we always stabbed and killed them. Because dead bodies don't talk ... Perhaps when we were raping her, we looked at her as a woman, but when we killed her, we just thought of her as something like a pig."
Then there is this compassionate quote:
One eyewitness, Li Ke-hen, reported: "There are so many bodies on the street, victims of group rape and murder. They were all stripped naked, their breasts cut off, leaving a terrible dark brown hole; some of them were bayoneted in the abdomen, with their intestines spilling out alongside them; some had a roll of paper or a piece of wood stuffed in their vaginas"
The next quote is from John Rabe, a hard core Nazi Party member who was the Nazi attache assigned to Nanking when The Rape occurred, a guy who actually set aside a sanctuary for as many women as he could and is credited with saving thousands of Chinese lives. He was put into a Nazi concentration camp after he told Hitler about Nanking and asked the great man to stop the outrage. The people of Nanking have built a statue of him in Nanking.
Though young and conventionally attractive women were most at risk, no woman was safe from vicious rape and exploitation (often filmed as souvenirs) and probable murder thereafter. "Groups of 3 to 10 marauding soldiers would begin by traveling through the city and robbing whatever there was to steal. They would continue by raping the women and girls and killing anything and anyone that offered any resistance, attempted to run away from them or simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There were girls under the age of 8 and women over the age of 70 who were raped and then, in the most brutal way possible, knocked down and beat up."
Eastwood talks about sensitive letters home written by the poor Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima. Well Clint, you patriotic rascal you, these "poor Japanese officers and enlisted men" filmed and photographed their rape and murder rampage in Nanking for the amusement of their families and friends at home (left). To be clear here, the Japanese newspapers published pictures of the victims and of the soldiers murdering them---these pictures were taken by the soldiers themselves. The "folks at home" were sent pictures of the slaughter. As if murdering adults wasn't enough, the below left picture shows some of the infants, both born and unborn, slaughtered by these noble and compassionate Japanese soldiers, again taken by one of the soldiers involved and proudly sent home for the family to admire. The "folks at home" were complicit in the sadistic behavior of these compassionate Japanese Soldiers.

Fuck you, Eastwood, fuck you to death.

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I have stolen parts of this piece from Enjoy Every Sandwich (partially a satirical site containing occasionally unlabeled porn links). The complete essay can be found right HERE. There is also a fund to keep the message of Nanking alive. Scroll down half the page. Hat tip to B.C., a comment person at Libertas.

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