Eastwood's latest bogus epic, Letters from Iwo Jima is so despicable that it deserves a special place here. And wouldn't you know that the hard left critics are naming it Best Picture? The below is a quote from Box Office magazine a trade publication regarding the movie.

Letters From Iwo Jima ends up saying something Eastwood can’t possibly mean, which is that the American victory at Iwo Jima was a sham not only because the photograph that encapsulated it was (arguably) falsified but because the Japanese general America faced was a true hero, whatever the repressive nature of the political order he was defending.
Box also points out that Letters From Iwo Jima undermines American triumphalism even further by presenting the enemy that American soldiers defeated on the Iwo Jima battleground as noble, brave, compassionate — and almost as much the victim of Japan’s uncompromising militarism as were the Americans the Japanese army killed.

What can be said about that? That it is a lie, a fiction, a deliberate fabrication? Are we now to believe that the guards at the concentration camps were as much victims as the Jews they killed? Is this a revisionism that can be tolerated? Japan was a descpicable racist society hell bent on establishing a "Pan Asian" empire where the Japanese were the Asians and everybody else merely allowed to live. Sometimes. The cruelty of Japanese soldiers was Asia wide and spared no one. Not the Chinese, not the Thais, the India regiments, nor the Dutch and Americans. Not only did they deliberately murder in cold blood at least 300,000 mostly women and children in Nanking (sordid details below) but their cruelty in prison camps like Selarang Barraks is well known to anyone not too lazy to do basic research. Their reputation for sadism and slaughter throughout Asia escaped Eastwood's brilliant research.

Then we have Eastwood's love affair with Japanese General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, a hero only if one considers that he didn't personally murder any innocents, participate in gang rapes of civilians, or torture victims to death, so far as we know. The defenders serving under this heroic figure on Iwo Jima committed horrible atrocities on captured American Marines, actually eating them alive at night so the rest of our Marines could hear their screams of agony, screams that lasted for hours on end. The book, Sorties into Hell, details some of the other incidents of casual cannibalism by Japanese soldiers that took place in other locales as well. Other agonies perpetrated by the Japanese on Iwo Jima are here too, as detailed by an Aussie Private Josh. The "noble" Kuribayashi was in charge of each and every act of torture, the sodomizing of prisoners, and acts of cannibalization; His "heroic act" was that he refrained from eating the tins of body parts that were prepared by the soldiers and openly distributed to the troops. His only real claim to nobility is that he abandoned the ineffective Banzai Charges (suicide charges directly into machine gun fire) used on other islands as a tactic, and instead fought from well defended stationary emplacements that included 22 miles of deeply dug trenches.

As far as the "innocent" troops depicted by Eastwood, consider that they were all trained sadists as is detailed in "The Rape of Nanking" by Iris Chang. The basic training of the troops consisted largely of continuing sadistic abuse dished out on the recruits by the noncoms in charge. Beatings with fists, rifle butts, and other implements were routinely dispensed for the purpose of turning out soldiers who had no compassion for anyone and no reluctance to dish out unspeakable cruelties upon non-Japanese. Eastwood is a true Hollywood revisionist prick robbing us of our culture and replacing it with shame for our heroism.

As a further commentary on this sorry sewage, the Letters Eastwood uses as a source for his "film" were all written after the noble troops were told that they wouldn't be going home, that they were expected to kill ten Americans before they died, that they'd be sent on suicide missions in which they were instructed to die in a noble fashion,; they were to fight to the last man. Of course many would be sent on suicide raids called Kamakazi on American ships and troops. It's easy to find humanity and God when you know you are about to die.

Eastwood? Fugedabodim.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese were a bunch of savages and committed the most heinous crimes against anyone they fought or ran into. They even had a contest in Nanking to see how many Chinese heads that Japanese officers could cut off with one stroke of the samurai sword. One officer got into triple digits before he needed to cut more than once. This was reported in the Japanese press with great glee and enthusiasm. Of course, they will deny it all. Eastwood ought to be ashamed of himself, but he won't be, none of them are. If they don't actively hate America, these leftists in the movies and media don't know or care about this nation enough to actually tell the truth. Every day somebody in Iraq is killed or maimed, not to mention the thousands upon thousands who were killed facing the Nazis, Japs, ChiComs, Koreans, NVA, etc...The best Hollywood can do is this garbage movie. All of those asshole media-hollywood types ought to spend 1 day walking through Bakouba or Falluja and see what life is like for our people. It is a goddamn wake up call, I'll tell you. This glorification of our nations enemies past and presnt must stop immediately, so fuck him and his film.

cubanbob said...

And all this time I thought Clint was a kinder and gentler version of Dirty Harry. Guess I bought the spin.

Anonymous said...

Grow up! Eastwood took out much of the "romance" in the typical American war movies. Americans see Japanese as racists but fail to see themselves as so against their own imperialism against Native Americans, the Hawaiians, Philipinos, etc. Get real! We hung up Indian penises as trophies. War is ugly. Period.