Mary Katherine Ham, the resident bimbo at Town Hall, is the absolute queen of mediocrity, only touted because she claims to be a Conservative, and a female Conservative, any female who claims to be a Conservative, causes all Righties to drool uncontrollably no matter how badly the women write. Drooling is especially copious if they write about things smart people already know and dumb people don't care to know, which all of them manage to pull off. Reynolds is no exception to this rule and he guides us to this horrible video made by a woman, with no vocal range past the next two notes, doing a "news" satire about the Dukies who raped poor Mr. Nifong (I mean talk about a persecution. Poor Nifong is being lynched). Tell me one new piece of information transmitted by Bimbo Ham, that is new, original, or even funny. Really, you could take all the brains in Virginia Postrel's head, mix them with the brain of Mary Katherine Ham and have just enough to intellect to fill the skull of Paris Hilton's dog. Sorry, but I don't know of a single good Conservative woman writing today who is worth more than a popcorn fart (Peggy Noonan? Well OK). And please don't tell me that the absolutely great Claudia Rosset and Heather Mac Donald are conservatives.


Cindi said...

Phyllis Schlafly.

Howard said...

I incorrectly regarded Schlafly as a one trick pony, that trick being pro-life (in the womb only). I have read some of her stuff and I'll say, "OK, Noonan and Schlafly. Thanx".