THE BOWL GAMES...so far: Is it just me and my pals or is the "color" commentary so bad that the games are ruined? While a play is actually in progress we are entertained with stories of deer hunting, pie eating, best restaurants in KC, and so on forever. And then there are the progressively inane remarks like: he didn't keep his eyes on the ball, nobody likes third and long, nobody likes fourth and long, there were (fill in the blank) missed tackles, as if we didn't see it; and so on and so forth. The jerk color man talks incessantly with the play by play guy as if the game were just an afterthought, and that is exactly what the game becomes. It's so bad that when my son and his pals came over they ended up turning off the sound until play started on one of the games. Not so the NFL, where the announcers concentrate on the game. Other observations thus far: had Oregon State not pulled their game out of the mud with a miracle finish you would be correct in observing that the PAC 10 is virtually pathetic. Oregon didn't even show up for their game, which was pitiable, and we all knew that UCLA was an abandoned mine that never was much anyway. Both coaches should be fired. We'll see what conferences are exposed after tomorrow, but right now it looks like the ACC is very weak followed very closely by the PAC-10.

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