Get ready to be shocked..............this is a link to a blog that has seen fit to publish the voice of "the Durham street" in the Duke rape case. The hate: race, class, and economic of the "Durham street" toward Duke University and the accused is really an eye opener. The statements make crystal clear the possibility of one of the worst race riots we've ever had. Nobody cares about due process, police procedure, prosecutable misconduct or anything other than hanging these white kids. There is no way any local jury will do anything other than convict. Read the post. Wow. One of my conclusions is that the Duke faculty has piled on the accused because they are scared to death and seek to save themselves from any physical harm, much as store owners in riot areas post "Owned by Blacks" on their businesses hoping to be spared the anger of the mob. Link and read.


Anonymous said...

Let them riot. Its not my town.
Potted pla;nt Smith should dismiss this case - particulary in the winter, It slows tham down.

Anonymous said...

Whites cannot get a fair trial in this nation, period. This commentary may be racist, but what do you call what is happening at Duke? Just wait. The leftists and their black allies will do their best to lynch these kids. The courts will go along along because they are afraid of the brothers rioting. I just hope some academics at Duke get pulled put of their cars at an intersection like Reginald Denny did in LA. Maybe then they will learn something about how black America operates. I hope all those fuckers down there reap what they sow, Nifong included (and I am truly sorry for the hard working whites down there who pay taxes to support this farce. God knows plenty of my money in Jersey goes to the same garbage like rebuilding Newark or handing out cash to crack whores and 15 year old "moms" with 10 kids.)
Consider this trial a wake-up call to white Americans of what is in store for us.
When the blacks riot, no money (payoffs, graft, protection cash) to help them "rebuild."
The worst part about the whole thing is that fellow whites are going to help screw these kids so that they can look progressive. God help us. The left will throw us to the wolves to save their own sorry asses. They will continue to believe that they are right up until they hears the words, "Up against the wall, motherfucker!"

Howard said...

This is a test for broken archives