Should you send your child to Duke at all? What kind of education are the people who are there now getting? Profs guilty of academic fraud? Quite possibly. Outright lying on a published resume'? Dam right. Can a series of essays that include a self designated description of professorial specialization as “post-structuralist teacher-critic leftist” be anything but an academic empty suit? Can a school that claims a fight song with awful lyrics like:

Fight, Fight Blue Devils,
Fight for Duke and the Blue and White.
March on through,
For the touchdown's there for you
Go get 'em
Duke is out to win today
Carolina goodnight
So turn on the steam team
Fight Blue Devils fight!

Can a school with fight song lyrics like that even be considered? Those sorry lyrics should be the tip off that a school just ain't right. As the dirt is turned on the Duke "rape" case things get curiouser and curiouser..... When there just read the examples of intellectual obfuscation set up to hide a raging incompetent from any evaluation process.

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