One Last Snotty comment about the "Golden Globes"
They are a bunch of foreign pigs. Foreign Pigs means they ain't Americans and more than likely it means they hate us. So when faced with a distinctly American movie like Dreamgirls they ignore it. Besides they didn't get bribed enough.....Does this explain Apocalypto? No, but it does mean that Mel didn't have enough money to pay them off....... BUT to be fair (I hate that), Dreamgirls is not getting rave reviews everywhere; the NYT (loves Blacks to death) and USA Today (left wing taste to its core) don't like it at all, Rotten Tomatoes has lots of negatives and rates it 76%, and Movie Reviews has a customer grade of only a "B" (compilation of critics is A-). Most negatives seem to be saying it's dull, flat, and excepting Jennifer Hudson, without any soul and without any good songs, save two. Keep in mind that I speculated that young people might not go for it at all because they hate musicals, a speculation that is being bourne out.

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