The Sniper has a rare post up. About a raid he was on......

OK, I surrender
, the ISG report is absolute shit. Both Slate and now Pipes are all over it. Pipes, in particular, eviscerates it and leaves the body parts to rot in the sun.


Anonymous said...


That's why you are a must read Howard. You say what you think. If you learn new information that changes your thinking, you post it and change your mind.

I don't always agree with what you have to say but I know you believe it for good reasons and are honest. And you are willing to let new facts form new opinions.

You're a stand up guy. Keep up the good work.

Old Grouch said...

I would also like to "revise and extend" my earlier remarks (as the folks in Congress have it). Wotthehell is the business of having Israel give up the Golan Hts? Why should Israel be involved at all? (Oh, sorry, guess I don't get it because I'm not a Saudi-paid weasel!)

Now we know why Bush didn't stop by Israel when he visited Jordan in November: He was afraid of being arrested.