While not registering as such I think most of us have a strong streak of Libertarianism in our collective psyche. But it's like the communists for us, nice to have around to spout ideas but no way do we want them to have any power. I always wonder about the Libertarians views of building highways, funding basic research that is useless for a time, and support for brothel zones in high end neighborhoods. I only mention Libertarians because Reynolds has a post up regarding the voting patterns of Libertarians and how they switched in '02 and a huge portion went to the Democrats big time in '04. I sensed the same thing but without the data. Bush may have killed conservatism for a decade. The raging incompetence of everyone in his administration is sickening---yesterday's news that we don't even have a VOA over in Iraq or any jamming equipment to stop Syrian and Iranian propaganda just makes me wish '08 would happen right now so we can be rid of him. Good ol' Debbie, so right wing she wanted Goldwater deported, pisses all over W's major appointments today.

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Anonymous said...

Why, yes because good only comes from theft?

It's necessary so we need to forcibly take booty to fund it.

Those libertardians object! Those rascals! Burn them.