Am I sick or what? Several emails query my posts on the Duke Rape case and I confess to a more than casual interest in false rape charges. Back when my kids were very young my asshole sister in law falsely claimed that I tried to rape her. First things first, I've done a lot of bad shit in my life but my relationships with my children are to die for, in other words great. So none of them believed their "aunt." But I want to tell you, a false accusation of rape is literally impossible to disprove--a when did you stop beating your wife?--- style of smear. The cunt was a lawyer and I was a spaced out actor without the funds to sue her. So I empathize with any guy falsely accused of rape. These days the feminist/gay cabal, a terror duo that is running rampant in every corporate set up, will "find you out" and you will lose your job. I refer to a post today over at Lie Stoppers which effectively spells out the Gay/feminist combine now at work to smear anyone they choose. Their daisy chain of falsehoods spreads to every college and university, media, political entity, and business. When they decide to get you your only defense is to have enough money to respond, as do the Duke kids. That vicious combine has set out to destroy these guys, to publicly accuse them for the rest of their lives. The "women" are heavy in TV News (how many abortions do you think those news babes have had, for the sole reason that giving birth to a fucking kid will hurt their earnings possibilities?) and those TV feminists are everywhere in TV News. They are running off at word processor in every print media, screeching at the front of every political campaign, and all over the tube. "Women’s issues" like abortion, rape, and spousal abuse as seen by them are always reported.

Of course they don't stand in line for jobs in the North Sea oil rigs, the Alaskan drilling and truck driving jobs, the fishing in the Bering Sea, or any other fucking real job there is out there. Not them. They want to lay around in climate controlled offices making the easy money. And they ain't gunna give it up to no rapists, especially white ones. The latest Wanted Poster in the Duke case is here.

And to them we are all rapists. For sickening details on an even worse miscarriage of justice, read the Rabinowitz piece in the Journal Today. Lest we forget the poor Amaraults convicted by a jury of idiots for child molestations that never existed.

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