OK, because the Florida vs Ohio State game was so fucking boring and the Malibu Fire was not going to burn all of SoCal by morning (so why watch?), I was shooting the shit with some asshole and made a dumb bet about "What was the Nazi's favorite love song," which was something I didn't know about---I know, you've never done that---and after I went home I ended up on a web page that listed all the versions of the old German WWI tear jerker called Lili Marlene (big at the Nurenberg rally) that anybody old knows about, at a site that plays ten versions including Josef Goebbel's fave. After listening to a couple and tiring of the Marlene Dietrich one I went to the bottom of the page and discovered this page linked to his main page, which turns out to be a gold mine. Some dude who graduated from HS in 1951 made up a page of songs he liked (there are hundreds) most of which he lifted from the original 78rpm versions (a very few sound like it). Anyway if "Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette" by Hank Thompson, a ton of original Belefonte cuts, and some of the original Edison recordings are your thing you have to GOOGLE Here and click on the second entry and access the site that way (many browsers can't go directly???) When you link from there to his main page, on bottom click thru door market "fifties", then scroll down near the bottom for the stuff. Some terrific shit you ain't heard, ever. The page is: http://www.rhs51.com. The format on the site is different but pay no attention to the warnings, the stuff will play without loading up with a plugin.

NOTE: the GO button to play the shit is on the bottom RH corner so you have to scroll down to it.

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