EEEK, WTF that ain't no Mercedes. Is it? It sure is. The new Mercedes Benz 40mpg super compact that you can't buy because as of this writing they are just arriving and are all sold.

The car shows well, and it's terrifically priced (loaded it will be around $15,000.00, but there are rumors of blockbuster entry-level pricing), the dealer plan is being formulated, and a marketing support plan is in place that will ensure that the right people get exposed to the car. I predict they will sell every one of the 40mpg+ urban speedsters they can get over here.
And what is that thing down there? The new Porche?

It is the talk of the current Detroit Auto Show. It's the GM all electric 20 million mpg car that is an actual production car. There is a gasoline engine inside it that can take over after you've gone 45 miles or so, but for those of us who drive less than 45 miles per day this is a winner. BUT even better, it is adapted so it can accept fuel cell power too. Fuel cells are used to run a car on cell generated electricity. This is a big deal and it is putting GM back in the game in a big way.

And they are going to race them. There is a new racing circuit designed for new concept cars called HERF, which stands for the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation and it's a dead serious deal. The Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation® introduces the "Hydrogen 500"® and a new racing series that will boast the most technologically advanced racing machines in the world.
"From this day forward, we will see internal combustion engines in automobiles inevitably give way to electric power sources. And whether these take the form of electric vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) assist, full electric plug-in vehicles, or electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells - we are at the crossroads of the future of the automobile as we know it. The time has come for the automobile industry to embrace the future vigorously - and in no uncertain terms. The concept of racing hydrogen fuel cell-powered machines is unprecedented and historic, simply because for the first time in many, many years, racing will undertake a key role in the development of radical new technologies for production vehicles that are still on the horizon,".
So what's this on the below Left? Well it's the Chick Magnet from

Rolls Royce called the Phantom Drophead. If you have to know the gas mileage then you can't afford it. Oil crises? There ain't no stinking oil crises for Rolls.

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