1. Alan Gell arrested and charged with murder
2. Prosecutors withhold exculpatory evidence, including a taped conversation that impeaches the principal witness
3. Prosecutors seek death penalty with evidence they know is false.
4. Gell convicted and sentenced to death.
5. Eight years later, under Death Penalty Review Law, new lawyers discover the evidence.
6. New trial in which Gell is found innocent.
7. Punishment for prosecutors: Promotion within departments
8. Think Nifong was worried about anything?

Those same locals are among the NC elite now examining the Duke Rape Case. Alan Gell, sentenced to die for the murder of Allen Ray Jenkins, never wavered from his story: He didn't know the man he was accused of killing and had nothing to do with his death. In February of 2004, he was acquitted in a new trial. Get this, he was originally tried in spite of the fact that seventeen eyewitnesses saw the victim, Allen Ray Jenkins, alive and well days after he was supposedly killed. Even more, insects found on the body indicate Jenkins was killed while Gell was in jail for car theft. The case is so so similar to the current Duke Hoax as to shake you: key witness changing her story multiple times, and evidence--including a tape recorded phone call---withheld by the prosecution.

So, using fake evidence, Jenkins was convicted and sentenced to death which is the luckiest thing that happened to him. Luckiest? Yeah, BECAUSE there is an automatic review of death penalty cases in North Carolina and expensive lawyer fees are paid for by the state. The new lawyers discovered all the criminal behavior by the prosecutors so Gell was acquitted in a new trial. Did those crooked prosecutors and the cop get punished? Hell no, not in NC. The prosecutors and the crooked cop all got off. They got promoted. To where, you ask? Why they are among the ones "looking" at the current Duke hoax. All of them are in positions that allow them to be the ones examining the Duke case.

Here's how they lied their way out of their criminal actions in the notorious Gell Case.

Prosecutors David Hoke and Debra Graves did not intentionally withhold witness statements that indicated the murder occurred while Gell was in jail on other charges.

The two lawyers said they didn't know the statements existed because they did not read their entire file as they prepared for the trial. Instead, Hoke and Graves said, they relied on the lead investigator in the case, State Bureau of Investigation agent Dwight Ransome (he is now running things in NC), to tell them what was in the file.

So, in a death penalty case the two prosecutors claim they didn't even read the file. Right, it's North Carolina justice. But there’s more. In addition to the above information being withheld, there was a tape recorded phone call. The prosecutors hid the tape in which the state's star witness said she had to "make up a story" to tell police.

Now the really hairy part for the current Duke accused. Co-prosecutor Hoke is now the No. 2 administrator in the state court system. Co-prosecutor Graves works as a federal public defender in Raleigh. Ransome (the lying cop) remains an SBI agent.

These are among the criminals among those examining the Duke case. Do you seriously think the accused has a chance? Do you seriously think that Nifong will hang? Not if the Gell case is an example. Hell Nyfong was sure he could get away with it based on what happened to the prosecutors in the Gell Case.

You can read a more or less long detailed accounting of the case HERE

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