CRUDE---HOW COME.....I was trading today. Most crude distillates had higher stocks on hand, especially unleaded gasoline. Crude did not CLOSE below $50, and the close is what is necessary to drive this market lower. Today's close: $50.50 on Feb contract. Retail gasoline prices FINALLY came down nine cents over night here in LA, but they are still outrageous. A $30 drop in crude oil prices should work out to $1.50 lower. I don't care what any right wing radio host says, we are being fucked while Bush hides out. BTW, those poor Border Patrol officers ain't getting no pardon either. I'm at the point where I cannot even listen to Bush. When his face comes on the screen I change channels right away. A disgrace to the office.

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Anonymous said...

Federal, state, and local taxes are much higher than the "evil" oil company profits. How about the politicians reduce or eliminate the taxes? Not gonna happen because both Democrat and Republican politicians are thieving bastards.

I like big oil. At least they give value for money. Unlike politicians. Rope, tree, politician. Some assembly required.