The defenders of the Dook lacrosse players have moved to another media, IPod and YouTube. It now appears that there are enough weapons to go on the offense, and the defenders are naming names and quoting what they call "slanders" made by named faculty; this means law suits are coming, and these teachers really deserve whatever penalties that are forthcoming. I did not know that Duke faculty told whites who were beaten up by groups of Black Students to keep quiet about it. There are at least twenty videos up made by students who know how to use cameras. HERE, and then HERE for an index of videos now up and running. We are in the day of the mini cam in the hands of everyone---if you do something bad somebody will have a video of you doing it. BTW, Mary Ham is all over YouTube. "Whitesnake" has a Dook music video up too, Click below.

BTW, you will notice that Nancy Grace, AKA "Horror Movie Walking," is now being featured as well for her wild attacks, as is that phony feminist lawyer, Mary Murphy. Grace is an attorney and may have been careful enough to avoid a law suit, but let's hope not.

Tony Kornheiser and John Feinstein
attack the Duke players in a disgusting video of Kornheiser's old radio show that should hang both of them with a big suit, at least I hope it will at the very least hang Feinstein. I heard that pretentious prick attacking the Duke players on Rome's radio show. What an asshole

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