OK, OK I don't know a single person who has seen more than two of the movies receiving any main Oscar nominations, and I only know two couples who intend to see them, both of whom are young marrieds who are the usual limo libs with SUVs and mega homes in the right places (it just dawned on me that I don't know any other type of people). Almost all are slightly pissed that The Iillusionist was not nominated for anything, probably I think, because Jessica Biel's ass (Click Left and pant) was never shown to the old cockers who vote. I also note that almost nobody younger than sixty is aware of the institutionalized sadism toward all non-Japanese exhibited during WWII by the misunderstood Japanese military. So trendy West Side libs "just can't wait" for Letters from Iwo Jima, Clint Eastwood's ritual cleansing of the rapes and murders committed by the ruthless barbarian hordes from the Land of the Rising Sun; vicious warriors who swooped down upon helpless Asians and executed at least a million of them, raped another half million, and made hundreds of thousands of women into "comfort girls." After the "Rape of Nanking the kind and caring Japanese troops sent photographs they had taken of the rapes and tortures to their relatives and newspapers "back home." (Click Photo Left and puke) Why no "Letters from Nanking," you Hollywood pricks? It's not like there isn't ten thousand of them. And why quibble over their beastial cruelty toward captured (shitty, racist, and immoral) Americans? No, we must be understanding of the documented torture of American Marines unlucky enough to be captured on Iwo; young Marine prisoners who were actually eaten alive so their screams, which lasted for days on end, could be heard by the living. Anything with a high body count of shitty Americans is worth an Oscar nomination. Or two. The revisionist version of the Japanese during WWII is fully underway in the "free" world. Thanx Clint.

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