Just asking: judging from the name alone of Durham capo, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, one would assume he is Jewish and therefore white. But judging from his actions could it be that he is a Black radical? Again, just asking. There are no pix of him on Goog......

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Jews in general are not White. They are a cultural group composed of several races, the most numerous of which is the Ashkenazi race. The Ashkenazim are sometimes called "East European Jews"; however, their racial line emerges from an ancient hybridization of three races: White (Ancient Persian), Turk, and Semitic (Babylon?).

Although the Ashkenazim commonly have fair skin, they do not belong to the White race. The White race is a race composed of several cultures (the opposite of the situation for Jews); e.g., the French, the Dutch, the Germans, the English, the Celts, the Balts, the Slavs. On an FST genetic distance diagram, the various White racial genotypes cluster very closely to each other, with the exception of Greeks and Portuguese, which are outlier groups on the fuzzy edge of the race where White starts becoming non-White.

The Ashkenazim aren't genetically close enough to the White race to be considered a part of it, and it doesn't matter that their skin is light in color.