It's quite possible that the latest lefty fave, Barack Obama, is a true menace. This guy was educated in a madrassa in Indonesia, "was" a Muslim, and he could be absolutely bad for this country. DEBBIE has a lot of the goods. All this has to be examined, but Obama has deliberately covered up his Muslim past. Don't bend over too quickly.

BUT....but, but but.....This info was obviously gleaned through Madam Hillary's gang of private dicks, the same ones who ruined Kathleen Willy, Juanita Broderick, and a lot of others as Billy Bob climbed to the top and stayed there. So, keeping in mind the phony "rapists rampaging through Duke" story, let us not rush to judgement on this, but instead regard it as something we need to look at. And if Hillary's goons are wrong, then she is toast.

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