How can a jury convict two obviously innocent Border Patrol Agents? O'Reilley had the prosecutor on his show last night, and the prosecutor told why. These guys clearly violated every rule of conduct by shooting an unarmed man who is running away. Then they lied about what they did. Then they tried to cover up the deed. Both are long term employees who know the rules. One of them had already been involved in a shooting a long time ago and so knew the procedure to follow. Patterico has a very good post from a while back that basically says the same thing. So the answer to the opening question: the jury convicted them because the evidence was very clear, in fact a good case can be made for outright murder of a suspect. But once again, this totally inept and inarticulate administration doesn't tell the story. Jesus, thank God he'll be gone in less than two years.


Scott said...

Thanks for the links and your thoughts. It looks like no one comes out of this thing squeaky clean and, frankly, I'm shocked that there was a DA with balls enough to prosecute two federal officers. That's probably the saddest statement about this whole affair.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus, thank God he'll be gone in less than two years."
Before I thank God I think I'll wait to see who his replacement is. It can get worse.