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The fact is,it is the Iraqi people who are failing, the Arabs who are failing, and Muslims who are failing. The same cultural pathologies that keep Palestinian Arabs sullen welfare clients, that keep Lebanon a political basket-case, that keep millions of Middle-Eastern Muslims mired in poverty and oppression and ignorance and gender apartheid, are the same forces that are keeping Iraqis in some Road Warrior dystopia — not our blunders, cultural insensitivity, arrogance, or whatever other excuse concocted by self-loathing Americans.

Iraq is failing because too many Muslims love sectarian hatred, love resentment and envy of a successful infidel West, and love their belief in their own God-sanctioned superiority and righteousness more than they love freedom, prosperity and human rights.

So what the hell are we doing over there anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Well maybe you are right. Most of these folks seem as dumb and obstinate as the mules they beat with sticks. And thats exactly what theyd be using to get around if it wasnt for Christians. They are ignorant, backward, medieval sheep for the most part. Islam discourages innovation and change, and that's what the religous leaders are most afraid of - that they will be ignored and become irrelevant by tangible goodies that we have (TV, internet, etc.). But all the imams have to offer is a bunch of words from a fairy tale called Islam, and pie in the sky when you die. And they know it and thats why they are so afraid.
Two words - ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. We need a "War for energy" to do this, develop it further, and use it! Then we can get the hell out of these Arab shit holes, FOREVER, and let them slaughter each other in peace!