I don't know how many posts I've written bemoaning the stumbling bumbling communication skills of both Bush and the Republican Party. They are too lame to hold power. Today, in the most over written blog entry in history, Malkin surrogate Lizard Something or Other sheds a lot of light on this deficiency in a brief first paragraph of a totally undisciplined ten page rant about God Only Knows what. The Liz observes in part that this sorry state of affairs, one that that spreads through the entire Republican Party, is costing this country plenty. The barely visible brain of the GOP is so clueless in this regard that they don't belong in power, or anywhere too near it. 90% of the 3,000 American dead in Iraq can be laid at the feet of this inarticulate president and his equally dense party. This sinking ship of incompetents has to be a lesson to all of us the price we all pay for having a bumbling communicator in the White House. Bush is pathetic, but so is the entire Republican Party. The Titanic is sinking but the captain has no clue.

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