Another way of saying, "WTF?" Has anybody seen any of these movies? From Best Pic to Best Supporting Homo this is invisible stuff. I leave it to Nikki to nail it pretty good, an eliteist list to say the very least. Just Some of Nikki's remarks:

I don't recall hearing dickwad about Half-Nelson. So I went and checked. ThinkFilm released the R-rated pic on August 11 (when Hollywood goes on vacation). Its biggest theater count was only 106. (There are more nail salons within a three block radius of my apartment house than this.) It eked out just $2.7 million (about what fellow nominees Leo and Will spend on personal hair product.) Its plot revolves around a schoolteacher with a drug habit. (Maybe the old coots are nostalgic for their freebasing days.) The result is that nothing about this movie shouts "For your consideration" to the Academy. Yet, Gosling won the nod over Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, Ken Watanabe, and, oh yes, Sacha Baron Cohen. I simply can't fathom this. You and I know that, of the 306 eligible pictures this year, at most 20 to 25 are screened by the lazy sons-a-bitches who vote Oscars. Please, someone explain how Gosling even got seen. I, for one, would not be surprised to learn that his father works for the accounting firm who counts the ballots.
Now tell us about the Golden Globes, honey. The list of nominated stuff. Includes only what most people are interested in---Dreamgirls was basically ignored; seven of their eight nominations were for technical shit.

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