SUPPOSE NIFONG HAD FOLLOWED PROCEDURE IN THE DUKE RAPE CASE….would the accused athletes be worse off than they are now? Would DA Nifong be in the same soup? Let’s go back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, March 2006.

Everyone near the North Carolina atomic pile that is Duke-Durham knew that when the self styled elite of the dehydrated Duke faculty and their self absorbed students collided with sufficient force against the radioactive pile of inferiority, poverty, and class envy that is the Durham population, critical mass would be achieved. The resulting chain reaction could be a problem.

For someone.

Or everyone.
So let us suppose it’s March 16th of ’06. A a black woman goes to the police station in Durham and reports that she was gang raped by three white Duke students in the all white LaCrosse team dorm near the Duke campus. She was raped orally, anally, and with a broom handle while the entire team watched and encouraged it. The police follow procedure to a tee. They begin an investigation, they send her to the hospital for treatment, and make sure that a female officer accompanies her. So far so good, but somehow, through a friend or relative of the victim, or an agenda driven feminist at the hospital, the press gets a hold of the story and does their own investigation. Now it’s “out there.” Local papers and TV “report” a gang rape of a black woman by white Duke LaCrosse players at a party. They further report that the girl was hired to strip for the entire team party and that most members of the team were drinking. The news spreads fast and Nancy Grace on CNN, FOX’S Greta van Sustrand, and the always breathless Rita Cosby on MSNBC are on the hunt for “exclusives.” All are bound and determined to be first with the most sensational coverage possible, something they all manage to accomplish. The “responsible” Big Media assume the woman is telling the truth and assumes the position (bent over, hands spreading cheeks) that all white men are rapists and all Black people are victims of class or racial rape. Pressure begins on Durham law enforcement to “solve” the case, which means solve it by arresting the not yet known white perpetrators.

The cops find that the victim changes her story once or twice, the hospital does report some vaginal damage that could be consistent with either a rape or voluntary intercourse. The victim denies having sex with anyone other than the white and rich Duke students. As the police continue their investigation the lurid reporting forces the DA into the case and he announces that law enforcement is pursuing every lead and every possible condition. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the race pimps manage to get on the tube and rail against rich white kids with money raping black women. They further assault the “white man’s stooge” in the DAs office for refusing to diligently go after the scumbag whites who everybody “knows” did it. The “victim” has ID’d two and then three players from a photo line up and the three become the targets of everyone.

And so it starts, only in this particular version of the investigation there is the same lack of evidence that is there now, the only difference being that everyone learns about it from the DAs office. The DA announces that the victim could not ID her assailants in a real line up (the victim appears on Nancy Grace and claims the line up was rigged), the victim consents to a DNA examination on both body and clothing. It shows no DNA from any Duke students but does show semen from at least six different males. The woman’s story changes two more times. The DA performs his duty and declines to prosecute.

Then what? You can bet that the usual suspects plus left wing agenda “friends” would engage in rioting in the streets and random acts of violence on the Duke campus, while the elite left media would be drenched with raging PC editorials, all claiming cover up and white KKK attitudes in the Durham DA office. Class envy and race passions would be set in motion by our holier than thou Left. Translation: rich white special privilege heirs “getting away with it---again.” Duke faculty, Harvard, Stanford, and the journalism class at Columbia U would be all over the cable news voicing righteous outrage; movie stars and Paris Hilton would appear on Larry King decrying the white elite athletes. Members of the Duke faculty would run a full page ad in the New York Times denouncing the hooligan athletes at Duke. Duke feminists would run an ad in a local Durham paper expressing how fearful all of them were. Nancy Grace, Breathless Rita, and charming Greta would do four hours a day on fearful Duke women being preyed upon by huge white athletes together with breathless accounts of the victim being set upon by rich white kids. The wave of publicity validates any black violence that might be happening anywhere. “Rich White Guys Raping Black Women” would be news specials on CBS and NBC. The stars of Dreamgirls would hit the talk shows bemoaning the problems of African American college girls and telling stories of how white guys have hit on them everywhere they’ve been. The white Left elites would demand an Attorney General’s “investigation,” one that would have to follow the NYT-Big Media marching orders. When the left wants an investigation they mean a kangaroo court stacked with white hating “minorities.” They absolutely demand a board composed of feminists, Blacks, non-Cuban Hispanics, and some completely unbiased academics; but no Asians, Indians, white Christians, or Pakistanis, all of whom are known to be culturally insensitive.

In this scenario there can be no real “investigation” that doesn’t result in the grand jury indictment of the accused. The DA is put into the position of having to present the “correct” evidence to the grand jury or lose the upcoming election and worsen the “combustible situation.” He finally joins with the media in “going after” the accused rich white kids. Justice has to mean that the despicable white and wealthy accused be hung by their necks in the public square so the “evidence” presented to the grand jury is “slanted.” Exculpatory DNA evidence as well as the photograph with a time stamp, the failure to ID the perps in a line up are all withheld from the grand jury.

The entire PC elite would point to the same three “rich white guys” while uttering the same accusations we hear now: that the DA refused a diligent enough investigation, that he falsely claimed that there wasn’t a shred of evidence, stories would appear regarding the deliberate “contamination” of the DNA so the accused would get away with it. One of the athletes was photographed at an ATM during the time he was supposedly raping the woman, but “experts” suddenly appear on TV who could prove the photo was “probably” tampered with. The Hospital comes under fire for mishandling the victim. The Duke feminists run another ad. The same tired elites would produce novels, TV shows, and bad but gloriously reviewed plays Off Broadway, all of which “expose” the bigotry of whites, particularly those in the Old South. The “stripper” would become a specialized exotic dancer who was taking ballet lessons, courses in “business,” baby sitting for the children of friends, all while paying her own way through college. And those filthy rich white guys? Mommy and Daddy paid their way (it is a crime in the PC world to have successful parents) and without Liberal pressure Mommy and Daddy will see that they get away with a brutal rape.

This elite liberal jihad would go on for years because when push came to shove there wasn’t enough evidence to get past opening arguments. I don’t pretend for a second that Nifong thought this thing through, I only observe what would be happening had he actually followed procedure. Following the law would have meant his political demise and the social destruction of the three accused athletes. Think they will ever be able to hold a job in a large corporation with a feminist contingent ready to pounce? Or in a company where some left wing execs just looking for a socially significant cause wouldn't expose them? Any time any of them made a public appearance the Liberal media would call up the past.

Cutting to the chase: had Nifong done the job correctly he’d be in the same pit of slime he is in right now. And the innocent Duke athletes would probably be worse off.

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Anonymous said...

No these boys would have better been served if the DA didn't stoke at racial flames to secure his election. The facts would have proven early on that this woman was lying. The poice investigation and the medical exam is all that was needed to prove this false claim of rape is nothing but a desperate attempt be a lying hooker to get out of being arrested.

On Monday, May 15, three innocent boys were arrested for first-degree rape, first-degree sexual assault, and first-degree kidnapping all on the claims of a criminal lying hooker and the criminal misconduct of DA Mike Nifong.

Nifong's judgment has been poor and selfish all along- and the old adage that a D.A. can get a grand jury to "indict a ham sandwich" for the murder of the pig.

On the first line up, and this is unconfirmed rumors, that Crystal identified people who weren’t even Duke student, so the line up was modified to include only Duke lacrosse players, then Crystal accused two players that weren’t even at the party, so the DA modified the line up to include only players that were at the party.

The DA didn’t talk to Crystal for almost a year because he claims Crystal was too traumatized to talk. Busy is more like it. Besides having sex with a “client”, a vaginal sex toy, and two men for a ride to the Duke party, she performed at the strip club the night and couple of nights after, and obviously continued to have unprotected sex with multiple men. She claimed she had sex with her boyfriend that night, but of all the many many DNA found on and in her, none were from the innocent Duke boys or from her boyfriend. Another rumor I heard is that Crystal is going to get her friend Mike Nifong to test the entire Duke and NCCU football team to find out the father of Crystal’s third bastard child.

The truth has caught up with Mike and Crystal’s lies, it’s only a matter of time before the law does.

I predict these three innocent boys will own Durham and put a heavy financial strain on NC for all the pain and suffering these poor innocent boys suffered under the hands of a lying black hooker and a corrupt elected official.

It is impossible that a crime scene with three drunk men in a small enclosed room with a fighting and clawing woman being orally, virginally, and anally penetrated not leave any DNA evidence of urine, blood, vaginal fluid, sweat, fecal matter, scat smears, saliva, tears, or semen... especially if condoms were used. How would they take off the condoms during all this chaos without spilling, smearing, or touching the content inside or outside of the condom?