Remember this? The feminazi mob of screaming, pot bashing, garbage can pounding bitches that gathered in front of the residence halls where the Duke Rapists were living? What were they demanding? Well, for starters they demanded that the Duke LaCrosse coach be fired (the cowering administration obliged). There were faculty observations protesting what could have happened, allegations of racial epithets (to the progressive thinking liberal, racial epithets are worse than killing), and pissed off college girls just being pissed off. As usual.

Some protested the "behavior that would cause people to believe they can treat other people without respect, the silence that seems to surround this white, male athletic team's racist assaults in our community." One faculty member observed that "the students need to realize they live in a community, and people are going to talk back if they do something, or potentially do something, that is disrespectful to women" (don't call them sluts, drunken whores, dykes, or morons --- especially if that is what they are). So where is the mob right now? Still out there and still looking for evil white men to attack so long as their names aren't Nifong.

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