SATURDAY HALLUCINATIONS: Did Boxer try to make Rice look like another ghetto uppity nigger lesbian? Without the nicey nicey MSM bullshit, the Left thinks that Condeleeza Rice is a fucking dyke---that's what Boxer called her . As you know, I place Boxer into the Parthenon of dumb cunts between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton's dog, but what is the big fucking deal? Is there anybody out there who doubts in their heart of hearts that Hillary, Rice, and that butt ugly Senator from Maryland are sexually compromised or confused? Boxer just said what most of us think. Next case. What does chomping an occasional consenting rug have to do with being a lousy Secretary of State who knows jack shit about everything other than the Soviet Union (What's the Soviet Union, you ask?) What does Rice bring to the table besides being a twofer (kneegro and "single woman") in the PC appointments game? Super Bay Area Liberal Boxer played a sex innuendo card for the sole purpose of reminding all of us that Rice is just another ghetto uppity nigger lesbian so as to tarnish her POV. Sorry, I can't get excited. And the Republican cluelessism is again revealed: "I'm shocked. Shocked that those scummy Commie Democrats would stoop so low....." Yeah, right.

Not so fast Dookies:
Southun' Justice has no relationship to justice. These are the same clowns who validated lynchings, beatings, Huey Long, Bull Connor, and an endless parade of scumbag sheriffs who falsely accused almost anyone they could rob. The Southern ol' boy network is more likely to stick together and protect their own crooked asses than they are to seek a "justice" that will make all of them look bad and risk a ton of lawsuits. Remember that there are a luxury liner full of shitheads who stepped out of line here: cops, many on the "I'm better than you" faculty of a "prestigious" university, Durham Blacks (a potent "voting" block), and plenty of public officials who stuck their heads in the sand as usual. Everyone wishes this thing would just "go away" and finding some evidence of physical force would validate the corruption of the various institutions in NC. The resignation of one of the most vile members of the "Group of 88" ought to tell you that the moral jackals that compose the "Duke 88" faculty members ain't going gently into that good night.

Playoffs: I like the Packers and 49ers to go to all the way. What? It's not 1996 any more? Jesus, I must owe my connection a fucking fortune. Just another way of saying that any of these teams could make it. I like the Eagles, Bears, Chargers (a great looking game on paper), and Ravens this weekend. Keep in mind that for four years straight I couldn't pick four winners on those old Mafia betting cards. BTW, we all watched the re-run of the last four minutes of the Fiesta Bowl last nite. Miracle confirmed. This will be replayed for at least twenty years, easily as big as the no time remaining Hail Mary Flutie to Phalen bomb that beat Miami way back when everybody believed in Jesus.

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