Get ready for mudslinging----

mud like we have never seen. It will be about Mormon offshoot "religions" that engage in polygamy to an extent that will astound you. Efforts will be made to link Mitt Romney to (shock--awe) the Mormon religion, and all you have to do is read a book called Under the Banner of Heaven to learn all the gory details, and gory they are. There are roughly a hundred totally out of control sects that engage in rape, rape of minors, involuntary compulsive marriages (rape), and the fraudulent use of welfare and Medical etc. I did not know that the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping was done by a sect member who "married" her. Guys with thirty wives and sixty children routinely go on welfare so they can feed their kids; they go on the county for medical care because there is no way to pay the bills for fifty or sixty children, they pay little or no taxes so the schools make up the difference, and so on.

So get ready. It's up to you to be informed of the true nature of this very real beast and determine for yourself the validity of Romney's links to these cults that opponents are sure to make. A key point: is that they are all Mormon fundamentalists, meaning they take the word of John Smith literally and will brook no deviation.

Get ready

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