The near total incompetence of the Bush Administration is further exposed on Malkin's blog today. He will go down as the worst president ever, even worse than Carter. Further proof: a TV report this AM about more Katrina victims being ignored...in spite of the law and "help" (not) from the Bush Administration.... with the law that is supposed to help them due to expire. There is no way the Republicans can win in 08, nor should they.


Anonymous said...

Howard, Reps will win.

Bush is not running again. This may shock you. But it's true.

Second, Dems offer nothing on National Security. Obama offers his world apology tour and both he and Hillary rule nukes off the table in response to threats or attacks. Against Iran's nuke program (and it's likely only a few years before Iran gets Soviet 1965 technology, i.e. missiles that can hit our cities) or Pakistan's slide into Osama's control ...

Dems offer hugs for thugs. That's it.

A minimally competent guy like Rudy or even Romney, Mr. Slick, can win over even the best of Breed, the Shrillary.

My god the Dems can't even stage the Florida primary without a fight. And they're running so hard-left with the Kossites that of course they want to lose.

New Orleans? That's mostly Nagin's fault. He thinks (he actually said this) that the high murder rates are good for New Orleans because "it keeps the Brand out there." Chocolate City man.

I thought Morial was incompetent and corrupt. But Nagin is even incompetent. No wonder the Ninth Ward is a decomposing dump and the City is tearing down rescued, refurbished, houses.

Howard said...

Anything can happen in politics including the election of Republicans up and down the line. My problem is that our entire political class is corrupt and really, it is our fault.