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Washington would be favored by four touchdowns over Notre Dame if they played each other this year. The fired Notre dame coach, Willingham, has built Washington into a pretty good team that is a year away from being able to beat SEC or PAC-10 top teams consistently. Fatso, the genius at Notre Dame (actually the white genius). hasn't recruited anybody. Best teams are LSU, Florida, USC, and Oklahoma, possibly Alabama, CAL, (defense??), and Oregon (defense??). USC could have beaten Nebraska 60 to 10 had they wanted to....but how good is Nebraska? Big 10, which gets its lofty pe-season rankings based on the fact that they all play mail order schools til they play in their conference, stinks.

The Patriots "scandal:" I played four years in high school and three in the service. I had two good coaches in the service but I had a great coach in high school, a guy who was ten years ahead of his time. He scouted our opposition and had almost all of them figured out because of certain things a particular player might do. We knew, absolutely knew, whether a team would run or pass, and once in a while we knew exactly where a receiver or running back would strike. With just the knowledge of run or pass I made fifteen tackles in one game against the best running back in our area at the time. And I was as ordinary as I could be. We beat a better team because we knew if they would run or pass and held the best running back in our area to minus yards. In the NFL, knowing defenses in advance is a tremendous advantage.

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