Sell all stock

The Democrats will win. Charley Rangel will be in charge and here's the agenda, a sort of 21st century "soak the rich" deal, always popular with the have nots, never will haves, and people who are dedicated to the "lay around and make big money" want ads.
1. Roll back all the Bush tax cuts on dividends and cap gains and put in new taxes.
2. Tax hikes on everyone making $200,000 per and up
3. A huge general tax increase to pay for socialized medicine.....their idiotic estimate of a $100 billion cost is bogus. One trillion is more like it.
4. Destruction of our borders so that Mexicans will stream in and sop up every welfare program there is.
5. Much heavier taxes on corporations and business. Look for a return to the pre-Reagan OSHA raids on every business.

Every IRA and all other retirement plans dependent on stocks are going to take a tremendous hit, probably close to 1/4 of the values will be eradicated. As it becomes more and more clear the nature of the Democrat beast, the market will begin to show it. Where to go? I have no idea. So how come the rilly rilly smart people over at CNBC tell us to buy stocks every AM? Because their "guests" are just biased, self-promotional spin meisters. They are almost all shilling for their firm's asset gathering arms and they are by definition, long the market.

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