Obama Backs Reparations?

Obama's associates are more and more who he is and what he really stands for. I will restrict myself to just a single form of reparations that his associates advocate.

Three of his closest "advisors" endorse a form of reparations for all Black people to pay for their education (you know, the one they were deprived of a hundred and fifty years ago, allegedly).

Obama has not endorsed reparations directly, he ain't personally doing it, but his long time pal, Bill Ayers has. Obama also has other pals. Linda Darling-Hammond (woman #1) who is his "education Advisor" backs a clear policy for the repayment of the alleged "education debt" to people of color.

Enter another woman, a Gloria Ladson-Billings (woman #2): In 2006 Professor Gloria Ladson-Billings proposed a new policy to tackle the problems of America's public schools: the repayment of centuries of "education debt" that allegedly is owed to people of color as a result of slavery and discrimination. She rooted the concept in the literature supporting reparations for slavery.

So here's the deal: in 2007 Linda Darling-Hammond (Woman #1), a prominent and respected professor at the Stanford University School of Education endorsed the same education reparations idea in an article she wrote for The Nation. In late 2007 Darling-Hammond was named an education advisor to the Obama campaign. In February 2008 Darling-Hammond issued a blueprint for education reform by the next President that set as its #1 priority the repayment of the "education debt," as proposed originally by Ladson-Billings (Woman #1).

Woman #1 is from the University of Wisconsin. Back in February '08, she was president of the American Education Research Association (AERA), the nation's leading School of Education professional association.

So on just this one deal there are so many tentacles reaching into so many faculty lounges at universities across the nation that it is nearly impossible to track them all. The ONE CONSTANT are the Ayers fingerprints on everything and Ayers was a close confidant of Obama.

Oh, and did I mention the hundred million dollars that they all got a hold of and allegedly put it into a program to improve education of minorities in Chicago. According to the latest figures, not one single point of improvement has been achieved by Chicago's educationally deprived Blacks. The program is called the Annenberg Challenge something you will hear plenty about in the coming weeks. And oh yeah, beware the new Left terminology "authoritarian" to cloak the Left agenda. Problem is that the label is being applied by Obama opponents.

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