Ron Paul, flavor of the month

From the primordial ooze roars Ron Paul with the best candidate website out there. He's an alleged Libertarian, which used to mean no government at all except in cases of highways, armies, and a few other things. He's beginning to get a lot of attention mainly, I think, because most of us are partially libertarian and because none of us is happy with anyone on the Right. He is drawing enough support (30,000 on YouTube) to be a spoiler if he chose to run as an independent but he says he's 100% Republican which means mucho trouble for the current front runners if they cannot gain any momentum. Check him out. BTW his 30,000 subscribers on YouTube is three times the number Obama has, which means??? if he was a liberal Democrat he'd be in every paper in the country and on every news channel; but he isn't so he isn't. Oh, and he's getting some decent bucks, 8mil during the last cycle. And songs? There are close to a hundred of them listed on Google (I didn't say all of them were good, just out there. Below is the best, and is dam good.). Now the Left will pile on, first on the list will be abortion and if he's truly Libertarian he will say people can do what they want to do without any interference from the state---however he is clearly "Pro Life," a position that will give the Christian Right the vicodin they desperately need (however I don't see how being pro life means libertarian---I'd think a libertarian would say that abortion is no affair of the state.). Then there is Iraq which he seems to think is none of our business because it's none of our business. Check him out, at the very least he's the flavor of the week month. $8 million? That's enough to interest even Paris Hilton. Er, well, enough to interest K Fed anyway.

And this next one where a girl takes off her clothes for Ron Paul is too good to pass up. These guerrilla campaigns produce some terrific stuff that no organized campaign staff would ever allow or think about. Check this out.


Kim du Toit said...

Too bad about the low-class tattoo on her arm.

Howard said...

Note: I almost never censor comments on this site but I've received stuff claiming to be from Ron Paul, his campaign, and so on as well as some really awful stuff from people who apparently hate him. So the comments are blocked.