We cannot say we want clean government and still vote for a Clinton. All the slime available is attracted to Hillary Clinton because that is what the Clintons have been since he was governor of Arkansas. Last nite's "surprise appearance" by the campaign's co-chair of Hillary Clinton's National Military Veterans group is simply more of the same up front corruption we have been getting from this family for twenty years. From the first time they went to Refco Futures to take bribes through a futures account through the Mark Rich pardon, this family has continually proven that they are grifters first and foremost and they use graft for the purpose of power. To those of you who are as sick of the corrupt Republicans as I am, what does this mean? First, it means that voting for Clinton is like demoting us to Third World status as everything from the Lincoln Bedroom to selling the country to Communist China is now normal. So in just the past two months she has "attracted" bogus campaign contributions from the lowest income group possible: Chinese dishwashers, janitors, and house cleaners. We cannot say we want clean government and still vote for a Clinton. Best rundown is at Malkin, effective 8:55AM PST. But this story has real legs because the corruption just keeps on coming. CNN is so embarrassed and pissed that even they might investigate---well turn up the corner of the rug and sort of peek. It seems that at least six of the questioners were Democratic operatives with ties to campaigns, ties that were published had anyone at CNN cared to look. Cared to look? Ho ho that's rich.

My Bad (12:10PM PST) CNN has completely removed all portions of the debate that has to do with the fake questioners. When you watch a "re-run" of the debate on CNN all you see is a discussion about nothing. CNN is a part of the Clinton spin machine----------still. Anderson Cooper is a whore, just like Wolf Blitzer.

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