But what should we do if we never watch them anyway? Those phony pricks banned an ad because of a posted URL (Website address) on an ad that thanks the troops. Let's not kid ourselves, the ad is political. But NBC is pure. That stupid Erin Burnett called Bush a Monkey in the middle of a so-called "news" program, and that ain't political? Chris Matthews isn't? That moron Kieth Olberman isn't? Larry Kudlow isn't? This is the same network that GAVE Al Gore 35 hours for his Global Hothouse propaganda---GAVE. Since I don't watch them anyway I'm considering pissing on my shoes instead.

Then again, GE owns NBC. Maybe I'll sit around my house in the dark in order to let the fucks know how I feel..........Yeah, that'll work. I'll show those corporate left assholes whose boss.

Late add: it worked. NBC is now allowing the ads. So, what's next? We'll have to learn which multi-national owns the various studios so we can boycott something. Meanwhile I think I'll go down to a WGA picket line and give the Left Wing pricks the finger.

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