Hollywood Scum Report:

No better example of how out of touch the Hollywood elites have become was on display today while the Patriot game was exhibited on CBS. On the Town, a musical with Sinatra, Kelly, Ann Miller and a ton of other dynamite performers, all directed by the incomparable Stanley Donen, was on FMC. The story (yes an actual story) was about three (vomit gag) enlisted American sailors who went on the town" in New York, and three girls who wanted to be with them. Enlisted men? To the current Hollywood draft dodging elites? You have to be kidding. The current pile of malodorous Left Wing Hate America sewage would produce a musical featuring a bunch of sadistic military rapists on the loose victimizing the innocent New York racial minorities while posturing obscenely and yapping rap lyrics. Nobody in it would be decent. Nobody decent would be involved in the writing, directing, production, or performing in what they could believe is a sure to be Academy Nominated money losing but critically acclaimed refuse pile. The current crop is not capable of doing a movie like this 1950s happy musical. The present tinsel town elites are only capable of presenting America and Americans in the worst possible light while they collect huge up front fees so they can continue their Ferrari payments, country club memberships, and private school tuitions for their spoiled brats.

Everything bad that happens to Hollywood is richly deserved, and their stock holders, together with their boards of directors, deserve to lose everything possible. Stay on strike assholes, we ain't gunna miss you for a second.

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emdfl said...

Is somebody on strike out there? How can you tell? As far as I have heard and read, the same worthless product has been coming out of there for more years then I can remember. The last movie I can remember paying money to see was one of the Harry Potter epics; that was in an overseas theater and because the wife is a fan.