While the phony bloggers Reynolds, and a few others rush to pat themselves on the back for "predicting" the McCain surge, I direct you to my May 2 posting:


It's McCain

I've observed here quite a few times in the past ten or so days that the Surrendercrats and the gutless Republicans (is there any other kind?) had gone way too far toward tossing Iraq into the Abyss and that as a result it will be McCain in a walkover for the Republican nomination. Both polls and letters of rage to the few GOP congress reps are now bearing that out. Do I take Thompson seriously? Only for a possible Emmy nomination; he is about as exciting as watching a corpse decay. It is possible that the too early campaigning White Flag Democrats have already either bored people to death or enraged those not nodding off. Too, there is the increasing possibility that the Jews, the young ones at least, will jump ship and vote Republican because they see the slaughter of Israel Jews as the inevitable result of Leftocratic control of the government; the vicious anti-Antisemitism on college campuses with the professors jumping in on the side of "get Jewboy" could have results that have not been calculated, yet. And nobody can envision what impact the trade sending (NFL wide out) Randy Moss to New Fucking England in exchange for a fourth round pick will have on the brown nosing Soros Left hopefuls as they slog thorough their own mud toward the right to lose in November. Hey, things are so dicey that I might even vote---that they may stop the sale of porno CDs here in town is enough to energize me---if it looks like the election could possibly go to the Holocaust Two enablers.

But seriously folks, and serious is something our political clown class can't envision, what would, could, will, happen when the real AlQaeda, you know the one that doesn't exist, ruptures the Saudi oil fields? How about if they hit even one refinery somewhere? (Chavez may think he is feeding the menacing crocodile so he will be left alone) Any assault on any oil facility is an attack on us. Experts say that gasoline will go to $5.32 per gallon---you ain't no expert if you don't predict an exact number---and oil to well over $80, after spiking to $100. This is real real stuff. Only McCain seems ready to deal with this sort of scenario.

So THERE, Ricky Bobby......

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