Market Reform

The Democrats will kill the new Treasury Proposals and an ignorant public and a media that hates Republicans will support them. The Democrats are literally in the pocket with CFTC regulated markets (commodities) and will tolerate nothing that might stop their gravy train, meaning the farm states continue to be the recipients of the biggest welfare handouts on the books (Iowa is virtually a client state). The Democrats are also for more regulation, meaning the government will oversee markets so much that we are liable to lose our place as the financial capital of the world. This is an election year and look for the biggest two bums in the Democratic Party: Charles Schumer (NY) and John Dingell (IL) to be spouting off on TV this AM. Dingell in particular is a pretentious menace. He is either stupid (very unlikely) or just one more bribe taking politician. This will be all about turf and corporate (agribusiness manufacturing, etc.) interests getting more and more government "help." This along with almost forcing companies to accept unionization, compulsory dues to unions, and new taxes.

BTW: the BS regarding capital gains is just that: BS. The truth is that the imposition of the Alternate Minimum Tax (ATM) rules on cap gains mean that most taxes on capital gains hover around 23%. The Republicans sat on their asses in Congress and did nothing (what?) for eight years and cap gains inertia and failure to reform the odious ATM are simply another couple of reasons that they are being thrown out on their asses. When history is writ you will find that Republicans killed capitalism. They are just plain bums.

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