Against the U.S. from emerging markets in Asia. Leaders are beginning to blame us for the world wide inflation, particularly pointing to our ethanol which cannibalizes at least 20% of our corn crop thus driving prices beyond what Third World farmers can pay. Remember, corn is the primary animal feed around the world, no corn means no meat. This backlash could take many forms, most likely shutting down exports to us. The Olympic Games has taken the spotlight away from Russia's invasion of Georgia as well as our inflation. Now the games are over and you will hear plenty this week.

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Xiaoding said...

If the Asians can get us better leaders, all the better! The US is not responsible for worldwide inflation (that's ALL over) but the corn thing is a just charge. We need more nuclear, etc. Less corn for food touches on the basic reason for a governments existence, and you can bet Washington will be getting the message, whether they want ot hear it or not!