Matt Lienart, the former USC wunderkind quarterback has been benched after completing four passes and having three intercepted out of 12 (total yards was 23) on Saturday. I've never felt the guy had a pro arm and had the good college stats only because of USC's outstanding receiver crop. Lesson learned: any guy that stays in school for one semester of ballroom dancing in preference to the NFL in order to stay college eligible is a metrosexual pussy and has no business on any NFL roster. Meanwhile the other allstar, one Jamarcus Russell, may be as inaccurate as feared. After two exhibition starts his inability to hit open receivers becomes more and more of a concern, but his arm strength may yet rescue him. He has a howitzer. If Oakland ever plays a game in D.C. he'll have to register the dam thing.

Games Closing Ceremony, totally wrecked by the unending commercials and the pretentious oratory by PC Bob Costas. If you are thinking of ordering the $29 video of the Opening Ceremonies you better wait for the reviews because the on line version is not commercial free and is chopped up.

Our athletes behaved as all of them should and they should be proud of themselves and we should be proud of them. No whining or complaining just medals or no medals. Didn't know gymnast Shawn Johnson was only four feet nine. She is as tiny as the twelve year old Chinese and that stature really helps in that sport. BTW I was reminded of the methods used on little girls to keep them small and puberty free by a former Olympic girl swimmer at lunch the other day. The Chinese athlete "factory" whereby they identify future Olympians and take them away from their families at a very young age for a childhood of athletic training is just like the East German "system" used to be. The former Olympian said she'd never forget the deep voices in the showers that sounded like men and the hair on the legs of the German females.

US Open Tennis: before you salivate over an Roger Federer-Nadal final you should be aware that Nadal has yet to get past the quarterfinals in any of his previous Open appearances. Hard courts are very different from clay or grass.


c.o. jones said...

Didn't see the game in question where Leinart threw 3 picks, but unless I'm mistaken there's no O-line in front of him. And the Bidwells aren't interested in spending the money. So the guy's probably having to hurry his throws in order not to be getting sacked.

Leinart should hope he's considered a "failure" in AZ and gets traded. His successor at SC (Booty) is actually in a pretty good spot w/ Minn. Basically, there are no expectations on him, and he'll have time to watch and learn.

Roux said...

Russell has a rocket arm. His first 2 passes at LSU were for int's and I think one was for a TD. Fortunately for him Miles was a coach that could calm him down and control him. Of course LSU had outstanding receivers that helped.

I don't know if Russell will come around because he's not real bright but neither was Terry Bradshaw.

Anonymous said...

as far as leinart being lousy: if he has a rotten o-line in front of him, of course he is. no nfl qb can be worth a crap unless he's got time to do his reads and/or freelance when the situation calls for it.

IIRC, troy aikman was once considered a pansy joke too. right up to the point when jimmy johnson got him a line, and an emmitt smith to keep the d honest. then he turned into a hall of famer.

Howard said...

He built his stats at SC behind one of the great offensive lines in the country which means his uniform was free of grass stains for two years. Next, he had an army of big fast receivers who were open because of their height and then had the speed and size to make plays. His arm was weak and even with all the help he had he still couldn't throw the sideline out pattern. Now put in his off field bullshit (Paris and Britney), his concentration on commercials made before he accomplished anything and you have the typical SoCal surfer dude. He ain't got it and never had it.