College Football: no big surprises other than ACC "Power House?" Clemson getting their clock cleaned and pawned by a who knows what Alabama team. USC? I had no idea their linebackers weighed over 255 and ran 4.6 forties; Sanchez has a better arm than Linert or Booty (and who doesn't?), and they have TWO six foot six inch wide receivers who run 4.7 forties....BUT their backs are quick but small and I can't see them having a power running game at all. McKnight, their prospect at running back from some southern state, is fast but not very fast. CAL has a hell of a lot of speed but the same old lack of discipline and Oregon is fast but small.

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Roux said...

Bama beat them pretty good. SEC has a lot of talent and specially speed on defense.

LSU will be back but they're missing a few spots. QB very inexperienced.