Bridge to (fill in the blank??)

Ace busts Andrew Sullivan (again, still) for his horrible smears of Sarah Palin (this time) but Sullivan's been so far into the sewer for so long that for the life of me I cannot understand how this guy was ever classified as a "conservative." I haven't linked to him in at least three years because he long ago identified himself as interested only in gay marriage as a litmus test for his anal approval. As far as the Left in general, their outright slanderous treatment of her is sickening, everything from a not real mom of one of her babies to what appears to be a perfectly fair discharge of a state trooper for making threats against her family. The last accusation shows that she is a tough cunt and perfectly capable of dropping any "big one" at her disposal at any time she chooses.

On the other hand, Ace does a superior job of laying bare the near hypocrisy of the esteemed Palin regarding the "Bridge to Nowhere," which more and more looks like something no Republican in their right mind should mention.

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