Everyone With any Connection to Oil Hates Our Guts

Now the owners of oil tankers are chomping at the bit in order to screw us. America is bent over in the shower inviting the world to take their shots at us, an activity almost the entire world is eager to do. We say we don't like it? Oh? I think portions of our population does like it. In fact they want it. The latest to join in the gang bang are the people who ship the oil....not Arab sheiks, not Muslim terrorists, not the fucking Russians. How are the shippers going to fuck us? They have ordered their ship captains to slow down their ships in transit by two knots per hour. When you go to the link above be sure you link to the proprietary chart (here) which will show you exactly what they are doing now AND WHAT THEY DID IN THE PAST. Past oil price rises were caused in part by these shippers, and they will do it again. Oil-tanker rental rates may rise after last week's 46 percent slump spurred owners to slow their vessels, reducing supply and increasing costs for oil producers and refineries who hire the vessels.

Owners are telling captains to sail more slowly, according to three shipbrokers. The last time that happened, in the final months of 2007, rental rates posted the fastest two-month gain in at least 16 years, increasing costs for oil producers seeking to ship supplies to refineries.

The CHART OF THE DAY shows how slower sailing speeds at the end of last year helped bolster hiring rates. The average speed of very large crude carriers, or VLCCs, including those at anchor, has declined 3.8 percent to 10.21 knots since July 12.

``Panic will be moved from owners to the oil companies,'' Nikos Varvaropoulos, an official at Optima Shipbrokers, Greece's largest, said yesterday. The advance in the next several months may be ``even better'' than at the end of last year, he said.

Vessels on average slowed 20 percent to 12 knots in the final months of last year, according to a May 2 regulatory filing from Frontline Ltd., the world's largest owner of the vessels.

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