McCain vs Paris

"The dumbest thing you can ever do is pick a fight with an actor..." so said actor, Senator, ex-president of SAG, George Murphy (click on the blue thing if you want to see his complete heavyweight resume, only part of which is below**. His actor rule has become set in stone. He said what he said because nobody knows how to manipulate media like a person who is a media creation. Once that person is let loose upon you with all the press agents, hangers on and pals, you lose. Paris, as stupid as she is, as vapid as she is, has people around her who ain't that way and who make their money off of her behavior. (See response)

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Lots and lots of Media types need her. McCain (or his people) was incredibly stupid to attack her and McCain continued the ineptitude by following up. One wonders about McCain. Picking a fight with her ain't smart, leading one to ask if he is capable of being President. You pick fights with people like Obama, Bush, and God. Not actors. But you want someone even dumber? Obama. He jumped in with the energy policy straight from a McCain speech and acted like he had something new. Then his Hollywood Left compatriot, one George Clooney, switched an Obama rally from near working class Cleveland to the Euro Elite Commie HQ of Geneva Switzerland. One has to ask if Obama is capable of being president. Do I smell Hillary? Yes I do and if it weren't for her narcissistic husband preening and posing for world media she might be back in.
**Murphy was an actor in New York in 1926 and appeared thereafter in four Broadway shows; moved to Hollywood, Calif., in 1935 and made forty-five motion pictures; organized entertainment personnel for the Armed Forces during the Second World War; twice elected president of the Screen Actors Guild and served on the board of directors for fifteen years; vice president, Desilu Studios 1958-1961, Technicolor Corp. 1961-1964;...
.......and there's at least a paragraph more including two terms in the U.S. Senate.


Anonymous said...

Paris is interesting because she makes money off her image while still being universally hated. I thought McCain's use of her was great... she was a talking head for his energy policy... and by putting him down, she aligned herself with Obama voters. They lose and we laugh! BHO has been complacent so far, but I bet he's waking up now.

Anonymous said...

Actually her energy policy lines up with McCain. Drill now and invest in alternative energy. To me it was a pro McCain ad.