The Fundamentalist Enviro Muslims

Each special interest is opposed to either nuclear power, wind power, more fossil fuel, and bio whatever. Sometimes they're against two out of the four. Everyone opposed has the same reasons stated the same way: it will take between three and ten years to get the fuel on line, especially crude oil drilling. Oh, and do you know how much money the (fill in the blank) will make off it?

Keep in mind that environmentalism is now a religion. Call them the fundamentalist Muslims in the Democracies. You ain't gunna change the mind of a religious fanatic. Ever ever ever. They will pretend to want crude drilling but only allow it in the most difficult to access areas so that it will take ten very expensive years to bring wells on line. Wind power is sort of up their alley only because those noisy ugly wind mills ain't in their back yards...and nobody knows how much the infrastructure for the energy will cost. T Boone seems to think private enterprise can do it, but you can bet that once those wind mills show up anywhere near a millionaire's precious view or an environmentalists favorite animal they will be stopped. The hysterical whiners who are afraid of everything will stop nuclear power even though it is safe, economical, and perfect. Living in LA puts me in proximity to the enviroMuslims and they are organized, smart, and fanatic. They are going to pretend they want to solve the energy crises til the election is over, confident that they and their "One" will be elected.

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