The Edwards "Love Child" situation is a throwback to the 40s and 50s when women used their sexual allure to "get" mobile men on a permanent basis (meaning marriage and the accompanying do re me). Getting preggy was the next to last device used by women to secure their future, but they used it plenty. The Edwards Babe absolutely convinced the stud that she was using birth control pills, and even more, played the women's lib card to convince him that abortion was more than just an option, that killing babies was good for her. ("Honey, fucking me is as safe as a grammar school picnic, except with a climax..oooh look Saks is having a fur coat sale."). Condoms ain't safe and a woman's word isn't worth the stone upon which it is chiseled. I'm well past that age but more than a few guys in the office have suddenly "had" to get married over the past year or so; meaning the divorce rate will go even higher. Hey, Edwards got what he deserved (screwing around on your cancer stricken wife ain't "good behavior") so shed no tears; there ain't no past like the past.

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